At Hummelnest Accelerator we are always looking into ways of accelerating the future. Which technologies will dominate the market, which business models made the new norm and what organisations will be successful in these transitions.

Perfect Environment For Startups

With the backing of Raiffeisen Landesbank Steiermark, we believe we have created a perfect environment for startups to create, work and serve as a bridge into the DACH region market. We promise to make you work hard and present you with all the opportunities you need. So are you interested already?

New Way of Work / Collaboration / Culture

Covid has shaken up the way the workplace is perceived in today’s society. We are looking for innovative solution on how the relationships between employers and employees can change in the future. How can we maximize the company’s potential by keeping people in the centre?

Startup Solutions in sustainability

Sustainability/Health tech

As the importance of addressing the SDGs in business increases at a rapid pace, it is essential for companies to adopt sustainable practices to ensure a viable future in the next 20 years. With advances in circular economy business models and with the rise of net zero targets all across the industries we are looking for any type of startups in the area of sustainability and health tech. Finding well needed solutions in all the different sectors but also looking to have a good plan of business sustainability as well.

Service based technology applications, e.g. in the field of AI, blockchain or platform solutions

The field of service based technologies is growing by the minute. From Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, or platform solutions to Metaverse, we are witnessing a complete redesign of the world as we know it. Show us successful integrations for the businesses of the future and how they will help shape the world of the future. Not technology for technology’s sake but solving real problems for the customers.

Data driven. Zoom in on data

Data driven business models (including data security & data empowerment)

Find use cases how to capture, sort and use big data for companies of the future. Make a data-driven company, one that has established a framework and culture where data is prized and effectively utilised to make better decisions across the company. We are also looking for solutions in data security, data empowerment, and open banking.

Financial Services / FinTech

When talking about FinTech we are referring to software, mobile applications and other technologies created to improve and automate traditional forms of finance for both businesses and consumers alike. FinTech solutions can include everything from straightforward mobile payment apps to complex blockchain networks housing encrypted transactions. Basically any technology that attempts to modify, enhance, or automate financial services for businesses or consumers.


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