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Check out our startups that have received support or even investments from Raiffeisen Landesbank.

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Startups from our succesfull batch #1 and batch #2.

Cortecs (batch #1)

Know sooner – trade faster

MADA Analytics (batch #1)

MADA Analytics uses its machine learning simulation software for renewable energy (solar and wind) projects, to optimize profits by solving the problem of unpredictable cash flows with pricing insurance & optimizing energy storage systems.

Synctactic.AI (batch #1)

SynctacticAI is a data science platform that helps businesses turn their data sets into actionable insights. The platform connects to various storage systems and databases, automates and simplifies the machine learning pipelines, from data collection, data prep, scalable training to model serving, allowing faster development of intelligent applications in the cloud, on-prem or edge.

Waka World (batch #2)

Metaverse as a service

Ruth (batch #2)

SaaS for enabling fully autonomous, humanless recruitment processes.

Asya (batch #1)

The leading AI research and design lab in baltic states specialising in emotional intelligence and social intelligence insights from voice and video.

Redox NRG (batch #1)

Reducing carbon footprint by electrochemical CO2 processing​.

Robot AI (batch #2)

develops hand-eye coordination software for robots that allows them to perform tasks like humans.

Mentessa GmbH (batch #2)

Digital platform for mentoring and innovation communities, professional networks, and agile organisations.

Meddox Digital d.o.o (batch #2)

Medical record keeping app that enables your medical data to be stored safely and be always available.

Local superheroes

Since we’re big on supporting local entrepreneurs and building ecosystems, we take 5 additional startups from the Styria region and help them set foundations of a great business. We call them: Local Superheroes.

Felloz (batch #1)

Change the world, one donation at the time.

Milkywaste (batch #1)

We offer circular packaging solutions to packaging companies by licensing our edible bioplastic.

Streamstack (batch #1)

Build your own broadcast & viewer experience.
Easy setup & completely customisable.

Fivsen (batch #2)

We are revolutionizing the way people experience multisensory stimulation with our bespoke creations. We have developed a multisensory hardware platform, designed to improve wellbeing.

FIVSEN – Your Choice. Your Experience

DeFire (batch #1)

We enable clients to take control over wildfires before they happen by using big geospatial data and innovative AI techniques.

Augmentonomy (batch #2)

Creating new Perspectives in Medicine​

TopBiotics (batch #2)

TopBiotics – topical probiotics

Cortex Global (batch #2)

More flexibility. More consistency. More streamlined. Cortex Territory is the distributed marketing platform that delivers all this. Everyday. It gives brands and their local networks a comprehensive distributed marketing solution that is more intuitive, more affordable and more customisable.

Flixbill (batch #1)