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Superstar talk with Andy Grinon, Brett Murray and Meng Chee

Event: Superstar talk 

Date: June 5th at 18:00 CET

Location: Unicorn Graz

Visiting all the way from California, three Silicon Valley veteran executives with a spectrum of backgrounds will share their experience and perspectives on the current states of their fields from their unique viewpoints.

We will be joined by: 

Andy Grignon – original iPhone project systems engineer; also Palm, HP, JPMorgan and currently at Walmart

Meng Chee – former Chief Experience Officer for JP Morgan Chase and Chief Product Officer for Walmart, VP of Innovation at Samsung

Brett Murray – former Product Marketing executive fromTiVo,
Palm, Nokia, Apple, NVIDIA, JPMorgan, and currently Walmart

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Hummelnest Demo day 29.06.

Event: Startup Graziness – Demo day

Date: 29.06.2023 at 16:00 CET

Where: Murinsel & Lendhafen

Join us in the heart of Graz where Hummelnest startup will present themself to the world. We promise a dazzling experience of enterpreneurship. 
Are you an investor, enterprenuer, media or a business? 

This is an open and event so join us and let us show you how what we and the startups have been working on. 

This is going to be an event to remember and celebration to the enterpreneurship spirit of the region. 

Register bellow and guarantee your place on this extraordinary event.